Wednesday, 7 February 2007

If you want to get ahead, get a hat

Despite a serious bank and inventory clearout a couple of weeks ago, I managed to get down to eight free slots out of about 150 last night, so it was back to Shattrath to haul another bin liner of stuff off to the nearest merchant. I obviously have a bit of a hat fetish, as a fair chunk of one bag was entirely headgear... A Helm of Fire I crafted (and keep around as proof that there was, briefly, a point in being an elemental leatherworker... plus for the Crazy World of Arthur Brown impersonations), a Crochet Hat for pretending to be Clint Eastwood, my old Ebon Mask that I wore ever since picking it up from the Sunken Temple, and then a nice selection of new Burning Crusade head adornment. It started with a Dreghood Cowl, which I decided would make me look like a fearsome ninja, rapidly replaced by a Dementia Hood for the same reason, then a quest gave me the Scout's Hood using the same model which I slotted with a few gems, before deciding that the ninja look was somewhat spoiled by the giant pair of ears sticking out the side... so then it was a Sunroc Mask, returning to the stylish bandit look, before another quest gave Tim's Trusty Helmet, with rather nice stats. Regrettably, as its description suggests, it's not the most attractive of headgear, using the slightly ludicrous scrum cap model which would be fine if I was a back row forward, but not so suitable for a lethal assassin of the night, so that needed a quick disabling of the hat in the UI (I found a nifty plugin which adds checkboxes for hat/cape display on the main character screen, which saves a few clicks). Then, seeing as I was back in town to sort the bank out, I figured I might as well wander over to the auction house... and turned up a Ranger Hat of the Bandit. Style and stats? I could hardly say no, so now I'm quite happy wandering around smoking a cheroot and saying "my mule don't like people laughing", and a Stormwind merchant is going by the name of Johnny Nine Hats. No more hat purchases for me! Until next level, at least...

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